A workshop in which you become part of a Steampunk style Twitter feed on the #FutureOfType?

Thursday May 2nd from 6.30-9.30pm
In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation
Tickets £25 · Concessions & Friends of St Bride Library £22.50 · Students £20
Apply: www.stbride.org/events

Take part in a workshop exploring Victorian display typefaces from the St Bride Library collection whilst discussing the future of type. (Note this is a creative typography workshop, not a printing workshop).

Figgins display1#FutureOfTypeTweets_draft1

Type samples from the collection will be available as templates so you can recreate the letters by hand. These will range from Grotesque sans serifs of the 19th century to the decorative letters by Louis Jean Pouchée

During the evening you will hand render tweets received about the topic. These will be combined to create the Steampunk style Twitter feed and form the basis for the group discussion.


What is the #FutureOfType? Will it follow fashion trends, evolve with advances in technology, or morph into something we can’t yet imagine? Tweet your vision of how type will develop in the future quoting ‘#FutureOfType?


bonnewell gin men bonnewell pale ale Figgins slab

Design Week posed our question as their Voxpop to Erik Spiekermann, designer and typographer and Alan Dye, chairman of The Typographic Circle amongst others. Read the responses.


st bride posit

“The future of type is the same as football: everyone does it, and even more people have an opinion about it. Only a few make a living out of it, and some of these are very good.” Petr van Blokland

“My thoughts on the future are simple. There will always be type and as long as designers like difference, there will always be unusual typefaces for eccentric applications.” Steven Heller

“The future of the web is the future of typography.” Nick Sherman

“#FutureOfType—hashtags common as consonants, obsolete vowels?” DEER digital

Pouchee s bonnewell_fat_title page

crcoversquare  crcoversquare  logo   logo   eye logo 2

Sarah Hyndman runs Type Tasting workshops. These are sessions in which participants get away from their computers and get their hands dirty – experimenting with type and exploring its expressive qualities. Sarah is creative director of design consultancy With Relish. She studied an MA in Typo/graphics at the London College of Communication and subsequently set up and run the year long Experimental Typography evening course there which she ran for six years alongside her commercial practice.

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